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Of Change and Flange

Thoughts kept unwinding/rewinding themselves. After a little pull, obviously…

I. of Change..

..The raindrops kept falling and my pens kept on rolling! My laptop kept charging, and the memoirs kept barging. The dog kept barking, sitting besides the parking. The young folk sped past at four, the unlit cigarette lay naked on the cold floor. The moon was as visible and present as you were. Pictures of you, the foreseen tattoo, our made to order hands, the unholy laughs and my half witted talks. Though I have a memory of a goldfish. But still ..The change has been significant, it has altered me yet again, for good I hope. As I look into the matter more deeply, I realize how adaptive I have become (NO! I am not compromising), but then I believe I have the best rightnow. This isn’t the right place to show love..but then I am so happy! Seldom in life I have felt such happiness even in the phases of utter joblessness. Anyway, changes haven’t been so easy to manage for me. Specially the leftover part or the end part of the process. MBA was an experience, met some really nice people at the latter part of the course. Got quite used to them, and its hard to get over (who wants to?)..Very cluttered things have been in the last week. You aren’t here. My folks have gone to Goa. College people have latched onto their trips, and I am surviving on Morrison, Abida, Ghalib and Freud.  Hard still, had to cut down on smoking too.  Sad still, mom looks at me anxiously everytime I am about to say something to her. She thinks I’ve got a job or something. Its getting difficult. I want to go back to the programme. Back to the space..

II. of Flange..

..Career topics have always been ambiguous for me. I understand business strategy very well. But, why have goals in life? Why can’t life’s goal be to see, observe and gather whatever you can in your mind. Why can’t I be an Alexander Supertramp?  Traverse and see the whole fucking world, never stop. Look at the wilderness, the animals, the celestial sky, the dew on green grass, the cloud formations and their movement around the mountains, swim in the water, feel the air go above your head, get drenched in rain… Live the Life around you! Instead of conveniently not interfering in the very reason and nature of our existence. Why do we exist? To earn money/power, to study business, to buy anything that we want? Who are we? Are we humans or are we consumers? Why did Man come on this planet to divide the earth into nations, and the regions of control. I am sure, without any research, that most humans die within a range of 1000 miles of where they were born. If not at the same place. Many of them, don’t even get to see their neighboring country! You know the reasons why. Isn’t this sheer insanity? How much money will you take inside the door of death? Nature always wins our hearts and minds over man-made/materialistic things. And if this fact will do a lot more good, even if it remains in thought. At an active/altering level though. So even if man-made control systems take a lot of money from you to cross the sea, you should not let it deter you from living. Take a look around…


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One response to “Of Change and Flange

  1. Why we plunge into pursuing man made materialistic objects of desire is for the society which is given the supposed power of reckoning Our success, stature, belongingness and page3ability. It is owing to the expectations of this social structure that man wants to be stratified, to make our fellows feel good about him, to have a say in decision making, to create a powerful impact by being a part.
    In the process knowledge acquisition, education, information processing and intelligence become means for unraveling ways to possess more money and hence more matter, energy, flesh, amorous, aromatic and shiny stuff, rather than understanding and appreciating the cosmological texture of nature, phenomenon and the universe.
    And only a saint can forgo these, however, by the law of generalization and induction, even saints can be lured.

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