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Hotel Celestial

There she came.

From the most sacred part of the distant heavens.

Like a wave. Like breeze. Like rain. Like flame.

Like Life..

Comes to meet the dead.

Some blood in the veins? Sure. I am kicked and there on time. Deceiving many on the way. Paying more to get a glimpse of her. To feel her in my arms and touch her hands. Her divine presence. Her purity..everything!

The flame fondled. Yet again!

Life is shackled by time, these few moments are the ones which are free.

There she came.

For the first, and maybe the last time.


About Himanshu Hira

An individual. Nothing less. Nothing more.

One response to “Hotel Celestial

  1. ambuja ⋅

    awesome!!!! love the words used!!!!

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