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Send/Receive Love?

Oh, tell me whence Love cometh!

Love comes uncall’d, unsent.

Oh, tell me where Love goeth!

That was not Love that went.

Cliche? Nice? Nice but not nice! Love? You ought to be tripping. We don’t qualify as lovers!

Are you angry baby? I am all ears and behinds. Come, lets dry hump!

Awww..did I just piss you off?  What did I do? You tried to love me. You are so you! Fuck yourself!

What to do? Don’t annoy me! Let me vent out how I normally feel. Okay..Okay.

Whats with your behavior? Why don’t you show me some periodic love? You are just like a blob of matter with an anus.

I don’t know what you talking about! But, Doesn’t matter!

Did you overcare or did you undercare or did you make me feel that you do not care?

All the time, everytime and never!  Whaaat?  Nothing.

If you are schizophrenic I really don’t blame you. Its beyond you, and your sensibilities.

Trying not to be an asshole sweety! I am just too used to this shit!

When are you coming to meet me? When will you hug me? Tomorrow? Haan?

..Have you been alone yet? Just be.


About Himanshu Hira

An individual. Nothing less. Nothing more.

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