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Daddy’s Home

Okay. After a break, a very long one at that. I have finally decided to free my mind, break my silence and put my ambidexterity in the right place for the good of all humanity. Yes, I am known to myself for making massive statements like these and at then end coming out as a dud, but HAVE TO think bigger to get something or somewhere in life. So okay here it goes. I usually come out and blog twice in a blue moon and I do that after some serious events have occurred in my very languid life and I have drank alot, smoked some serious stuff (I have finally quit smoking! I hate it!) and put on some kilos on my already oh-so-chubby kind of body structure. But anyways, whats the big deal. I dont care about myself two bits. I joined a gym for a week and finally managed get an answer to a perennial quest of “Why cant I ever live healthy?” and although I think I have the answer, it is not very conclusive or might sound a little dodgy but it can change if it has to. And yeah the answer is that I dont love myself enough. Period. Anyways, this isnt about looking good, looking good to getting good looking girls. It isnt! Life is at a very interesting point. Where it is very uncertain and is ready to take me on another ride. I dont know where. I somehow really liked the idea of doing a 100 different professions and being more than just a ‘Jack’ of all of them. I borrowed it obviously. Like many other things. And I am thinking of what I can do..I welcome all nasty, crazy, sad, awesome ideas! (except nubile and relationship ideas)
So for everyone who reads this gets a chance to participate in this exciting contest!

I’ll come back soon

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One response to “Daddy’s Home

  1. Neha Kulwal ⋅

    hahaha! become homosexual.. GAY.! it will be change for you.. sad for some girls who likes you.. crazzy and nasty for your family and friends.. and i know you want to thank me for this awesme idea! ;) :P :P

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